Air Conditioning Advertising Concepts

AC Advertising Concepts

When the temperature level rises, cooling businesses could have some very profitable months. However, customers want to be prepared to understand who to call when the air conditioning unit quits or they need furnace repair, and also what the various price ranges, services offered, and rates are. That’s where marketing comes in, small businesses could utilize a vast range of marketing and advertising methods and also SEO strategies to get the business name out, in addition, to attract new clients throughout the entire year.


Target Market


The target market for air conditioning clients as well as HVAC heating clients includes homeowners, landlords, commercial building owners, and building management companies. You can focus on one or all of these groups, depending on the dimension of your city and you area of expertise. For instance, if you live in town, you’ll most likely wish to focus on all three. If you reside in a big city, you could intend to concentrate on one of them, such as industrial buildings, and tweak your advertising to fit that category.


Advertising and Marketing Products & Services

website-design-marketingIf you’re merely beginning your company, pick a company name that starts with an “A” so it’s one of the first companies a prospective consumer sees when he searches for air conditioning in an online directory. Establish your rates, and offer a description of your comapany’s specialty areas, product brands, capabilities, and offers. Develop an advertising or marketing strategy, such as a sales letter or brochure, that includes all these details. Develop a website and get some help optimizing and ranking it so that it can be seen in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). Optimize your website using keywords for the HVAC industry such as air conditioning. Even better, place your city name before the keyword, for example, ‘Kingston Air Conditioning‘ . This will help add a geo-location to the search results.


Networking with Groups and Organizationsbusiness-networking

Sign up with area companies, such as the chamber of trade or the regional golf club, to network with various other small-business owners and prospective clients. References go a very long way in the service niche, so you’ll want to take every opportunity to build local contacts, every time you leave you home or office.


Maintain a consistent Marketing Strategy


As opposed to waiting for a prospective client’s air conditioning system to break, acquire business by advertising annual maintenance services, also. Send postcards with tips to past clients reminding them regarding normal routine maintenance, such as filter maintenance, things to watch for, and things they can do themselves to keep things operating safely and efficiently. Develop an email list and send an email once a month providing news of new innovations and sales and seasonal promotions. Share and write posts for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter about your air conditiong HVAC specials.